The Game Towel

Ready to redefine family bonding? You need to check out The Game Towel!
As young entrepreneurs with a love for games and the beach, Stav Goldenberg and I set out on a mission to create a family fun game that gets people off the screens and spending quality time together. The Game Towel combines versatility and entertainment with the chess and checker board printed on the towel, along with water-resistant pieces stored in a convenient mesh bag. Plus, there’s a zippered pocket for your essentials and even an inflatable pillow for added comfort.
It is everything you need for endless fun and relaxation wherever you travel to.
As summer is approaching this is a must have set! Head over to and use code “PREMIERCHESS ” for 10% off. International shipping is also available!!
Have fun playing!

4 thoughts on “The Game Towel”

  1. Thank you Evan and Premier Chess for the incredible post! We are so glad to be seen by all these amazing chess and cant wait to see you all playing on The Game Towel soon!

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