We have great selection of in-person and virtual camps during the summer to help improve your children to the next level:

-Camp is hosted at Spin NY on weekdays from 9am-4pm

-Providing in-person or online classes that best fit the campers

-Teaching a wide range of skilled kids roughly 200-1400+ respectively

-Teaching lessons 1-on-1 with instructors like Evan and the team


Students at Chess Premier’s Summer Camp will have the opportunity to learn opening theory, middle game strategy, and fundamental endgame tactics to ensure tournament readiness and tactics from Evan himself. The courses we provide cater to each kids specific knowledge on the game to help them become a well-rounded strong chess player and frequent friendly tournaments and activities to keep students at Premier Chess engaged with us. We are looking forward in teaching your children over the summer through in-person or online classes.

Camps to Register for:

Virtual Summer Break Camp 2021, June 14th-September 3rd

In-Person Summer Chess and Table Tennis Camp, June 21- September 3rd

In-Person Chess Camp in Rego Park August 9th-20th


Any further questions about the camp or the course material please reach out to Evan Rabin at or (917) 776-1306