“Premier Chess helped us build a dynamic chess program at our school. The instructors are always high-quality and are adept at engaging students at all levels from Primary to Middle School by meeting each student at their level, even when students are combined in class across different levels. Premier Chess has been flexible in their approach (their remote classes during the pandemic school closures were dynamite!), always willing to accommodate, and is a pleasure to work with.”

-Karen Westman, Head of School at Waterfront Montessori

“It was a pleasure to work with Evan and Premier Chess this past summer. They are a well run organization. We found them to be responsive and well organized in helping us to set up our first chess program from planning the dates and times to ordering the supplies.”

-Rebecca Rothman, Director of Deerkill Day Camp


“Evan is constantly called upon to solve the practical problems of chess for youngsters and oldsters, newcomers and experienced players alike. In addition to his high level of knowledge and expertise, I particularly like his compassionate and understanding sensibility. Take a lesson from Evan, and you’d really feel you’ve found a completely attuned mentor and guide through the labyrinth of both tournament and casual chess challenges.”

-NM Bruce Pandolfini, Chess teacher, author and coach as seen in  Searching for Bobby Fischer

“Evan has been an active, passionate player and teacher for the decade I’ve known him. Chess is in his blood. He will improve your game, but also show you why some of us fall in love with pushing pieces around an 8×8 board.”

-NM Todd Bryant

“Evan is a dedicated teacher. He has an easy rapport with the students. He’s able to determine their strengths and weaknesses, and tailor his instruction to help each child improve.”

-Expert Nicholas Chatzilias, CEO of Ready Set Chess


“Evan Rabin has been a great coach for my son, Max. Max is very picky about who he will work with so seeing him excited for lessons again has been wonderful. He is also very professional while still injecting some fun.”

Molly Coy, Mother of student Max Coy in Tucson, Arizona

“Our children here in the Northwest Territories (Canada), receive private lessons from Evan over Skype. The kids love his style and personality. Evan has a natural teaching ability which clearly comes out in his instruction and interaction. We are extremely pleased with the quality and value.”

Richard Skelhorn, Student in Hayriver, NT

“As a chess instructor and coach, NM Evan Rabin brings a lot to the table. His boundless enthusiasm and upbeat approach, combined with his depth of knowledge drawing on years of tournament experience, will have you thinking about your game in a whole new light.”

Suzanne Bilyeu, Student in New York, NY

“Yesterday I had fifth lesson during which NM Evan Rabin introduced me to the most critical 7 Steps for analyzing any position. What I have learned about my play and my thinking process in 5 hours of lessons at Premier Chess would probably take half a year if using just the books. I really regret not starting taking lessons at least a year ago. I strongly recommend to start studying with NM Evan Rabin at #PremierChess ASAP and do everything he says and you will be thanking yourself.”

Vitaly Fedchenko, Student in Long Island, New York