Exciting Partnership with American Chess Equipment

“Caruana Virus” at 50th United States Amateur Team East, Feb 15-17, 2020
Bd 1: Jesse Lozano, Complete Chess
Bd 2: Evan Rabin, Premier Chess
Bd 3: NM Bob Holliman
Bd 4: Shelby Lohrman, American Chess Equipment

Are you stuck at home, as most people around the world fine themselves, these days? If so, NOW is the best time to get a discount on some new chess equipment and get some free education.

We are offering a FREE 30-minute virtual lesson for any anyone, who buys $100 or more worth of equipment at American Chess Equipment. In addition,  all orders using the code PREMIER get an extra 20% off your order.  

Coronavirus- Don’t Let Me Down!

A majority of schools in the country are now closed are doing remote learning. We are adapting to the changing times by focusing on virtual learning. It is important to use the coronavirus as an opportunity, not consider it solely a problem.

Here a few recommendations for ways to be productive:

1) We are available for virtual group and private lessons. Email evan@premierchess.com to set up a free 30 minute demo lesson.

2) Join our new Chess.com Club  to stay up to date with our online tournaments.

3) As schools are out, consider Mandy Gottlieb, a Lehman College Masters student, specializing in special education, for K-12 tutoring. She can be reached at Mandy.gottlieb@ic.cuny.edu. 

4)Many of our education partners, including Guitar Guide Guru , Hands on Hoops Skills  and Flow and Grow Kids Yoga, are offering virtual classes.

5) Check out Manhattan Jewish Experience Facebook page page for daily lunch and learns and other classes this week.

6) Join Architect Lara Apelian’s Daily 5:00 PM Kids Dance Party