Three Special Offers for Premier Chess Fans

While all of our lessons have moved to the virtual cloud, we are most grateful for all of our Partners.

In particular, we’d like to highlight three of them that gave our clients and fans special offers:


1) 10% OFF ChessMatec App
ChessMatec App is the most advanced, user-friendly chess app on the market, ChessMatec integrates chess-problem-solving into an entertaining learning system that’s fun for young kids!
ChessMatec’s founders Grandmaster Boris Alterman and Luba Alterman will be featured on our podcast next week so be on the look out for that episode!
Click here and Start your premium subscription with 10% off with promo code: “Premier”.
2) Buy $100 at American Chess Equipment using the promo code “PREMIER” to get 20% off and a FREE 30-minute demo virtual private lesson with Premier Chess.
“Caruana Virus” at 50th United States Amateur Team East, Feb 15-17, 2020
Bd 1: Jesse Lozano, Complete Chess
Bd 2: Evan Rabin, Premier Chess
Bd 3: NM Bob Holliman
Bd 4: Shelby Lohrman, American Chess Equipment
3)Free 1-Hour Virtual Private Lesson with Guitar Guide Guru
Guitar Guide Guru’s  CEO Mike Papapavlou would like to give a complimentary 1-hour virtual guitar lesson to the first 10 people who email him at Check out our recent podcast episode with recent podcast episode with Mike

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