2024 Summer Intern: Jordan Harris

In the bustling city of New York, a young visionary named Jordan Harris emerges onto the scene at the vibrant age of 22. A student at Queensborough Community College studying film, my aspirations reach far beyond the confines of a traditional classroom. With a passion for filmmaking igniting my soul, I set my sights on building a legacy in the world of cinema by establishing my very own film studio. Driven by a deep-seated choice to delve into the nation-states of directing and generating, a constant pursuit of understanding and ability characterizes my adventure. As a quick-paced learner by using nature, my academic prowess is clear through conistent mind-blowing grades and a determination to excellence in all endeavors. As the curtains upward thrust on my narrative, the stage is set for a story of ambition, creativity, and the boundless opportunities that lie in advance inside the realm of filmmaking.

In addition to my fervent dedication to filmmaking, another passion that burns brightly within me is the intricate game of chess. Premier Chess, a renowned company committed to fostering a love for the sport, has captivated my interest with its revolutionary technique to coaching and its emphasis on important thinking, strategic planning, and highbrow growth. the sport of chess, with its rich history and complicated dynamics, serves as a metaphor for life itself, requiring foresight, adaptability, and calculated selection-making. As an aspiring filmmaker, I understand the parallels between the strategic intricacies of chess and the artwork of storytelling in cinema. Both domains call for innovative imaginative prescient, meticulous planning, and the capacity to count on and counter sudden tendencies. 

Interning at Premier Chess affords a unique opportunity for me to increase my horizons beyond the realm of filmmaking and delve right into an world where intellect and methods intersect. I will decorate my cognitive skills and make a contribution to the increase and improvement of aspiring chess players. The prospect of learning from seasoned chess instructors and engaging with students of diverse backgrounds excites me, as I believe that the lessons and skills acquired through this experience will undoubtedly enrich my journey toward establishing a legacy in the world of cinema.

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