Month: August 2021

What Makes Chess Players?

By Maryalice Aymong, NYC Educator and Tutor What skills and traits come to mind when you think of the people who make top notch chess players? Probably some combination of the following: problem solving ability, confidence, commitment to practice, learning from mistakes, strategic thinking, and of course, good sportsmanship and awareness of others. The best chess players don’t …

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Is Chess a Sport?

By Matthew Nedderman, Summer Youth Intern Is Chess a Sport? and how is it related? Chess players do not compete based on athletic ability, but elite chess players must be in superb physical form. Elite-level games frequently last 7, 8, or even 9 hours. If a player’s concentration wavers, the result is instant defeat. Anyone …

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10 Similarties Between Chess and Physical Sports

By Mike Deutsch, Founder of Hands on Hoops Skills 1)Competition 2)Anticipation 3)Resilience from adversity 4)Critical Thinking/Quick Analysis 5)Discipline 6)Build Muscle Memory Through Practice 7)Physical Fitness 8) Peak Mental Condition 9) Poise in Dealing with Pressure 10) Knowledge of When to Play Good Defense. Develop these skills in both chess and sports at our Chess and …

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