Planning in Chess and Cybersecurity

By Uri Rozenblat, Founder and CEO of Tech-Alert

Chess and cybersecurity have many similarities. Whether you are a business owner, employee, a mother, a father, or an individual at home, your goal is to protect your most valuable asset. In chess, you call that asset, the king.

In cybersecurity, it is your business, home, family, identity, etc.

Hackers and other malicious players are your opponents, trying to capture your king through sophisticated thought-out attacks. In chess, the game is mostly for fame, but in life, it’s usually for money or other malicious intent.

You know what a Pawn is. Do you know what it means to “have been Pwned?”

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Did you know that today, information is worth more than oil? Your data and sensitive information are worth a lot of money.

Core concepts in chess or cybersecurity are to protect ourselves, detect the next attack, and respond quickly to foil our opponent’s attack.

In short, protect, detect, and respond are a must if we are to survive.

Protect:  people have anti-virus and at least one person they consider their IT expert. Your mindset is I AM SECURE; the reality is that it’s A FALSE SENSE OF SECURITY. Having a tool (anti-virus) that provides some security does not fully protect you. So, you have an anti-virus and IT person…

When was the last time you looked at your anti-virus log?

And, let’s say you opened the log and read some IT gibberish; what does it mean?

I don’t know IT all. Who is your expert security team with the experience to help with what you have to do next?

Detect and protect is where most of us fail. We live with a misconception that tools will protect us. A tool without someone to wield it is not very effective and mostly even useless. If you are that expert, that’s great, but most of us need real experts to protect and respond quickly to threats, just as chess players need good coaches to get to the next level.

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Our Multi-Talented Team

Instructors, Friends, Family and Clients at our 2nd Annual Holiday Party in December 2019

We have 48 great instructors who teach students of all ages and skill levels in corporate, school, group and private settings. All of them have 3+ years of teaching experience and are rated tournament players. However, one that sets some apart is that they have other great projects/businesses that they are working on, in and outside of the chess world. Just like I support our many partners, it is important to recognize the work that our instructors do outside of teaching for us. Each instructor has different stories as they are in different parts of the country, are in different stages of their career, etc. Here are some of the great initiatives they are working on:

Director of Virtual Program Brian Wilmeth is a programmer. His company is currently working on a Nintendo Switch game called LightBulb and is designing apps for Preschool University.  It is also currently upgrading Sound Beginnings and Partners In Rhyme on the apple App Store. Previously, Brian has updated my father Keith Rabin’s foreign investor relations company KWRINTL’s site.

 Director of School Programs Phil Rosenberg has had his own Radio Show and currently operates his Youtube channel unphiltered with Phil Rosenberg. See my guest appearance on his Youtube channel about chess during the COVID-19 pandemic here:

Our recent podcast guest Jerald Times, University of Texas at Dallas’ Chess Educator of the Year and Jeopardy champion and game show host National Expert Jonathan Corbblah has also made an appearances:

Grandmaster Mark Paragua, who teaches our most advanced students,  is the leader of the Camarines in the Professional Chess Association of the Philippines and is the co-founder of NY Chess Academy.

Candidate Master Danilo Cuellar, who currently teaches our Adult Beginner class and a lot of private lessons, virtually and in-person in Rockland County and New Jersey, has his own Youtube channel Danilovich chess.

Westchester Instructor Nathan Resika is a semi-professional opera singer. I once with my grandmother Roberta and uncle Adam to hear him perform  in La Traviata. He sings the National Anthem and other songs at many of the over the board tournaments he plays, including the Amateur Team East; I look forward to hearing him again at a tournament one day; I am optimistic they will happen! Continental Chess Association did announce the World Open, Chicago Open and other events will happen over the board this year, and the U.S Open is slated to take place in New Jersey in August.

New York Instructor Gary Ryan has a Masters in Theology from Harvard University and does K-12 tutoring of all traditional subjects and religion, virtually and in-person.

Manhattan Instructor Jason Ciano is a professional bridge player and teaches quantitative reasoning, teamwork, confidence and more through the game.

Nashville, TN Instructor Alan Kantor has a medical billing company.

Brownsville, TX Instructor Ray Martinez is the founder of the nightly Talk Show Central RGV Style.

New Jersey Instructor Sean Finn is the manager of the Garden State Passers, which was been doing great commentary on major events, including the Amateur Team East.  He helped me prepare for my Amateur Team South and Amateur Team North commentaries.

What projects do your staff do outside of work?