Premier Chess Introduction: Brianna Douglas

Who I Am:

Hi there, chess players! I’m Brianna Douglas, and I work as a Premier Chess intern right now. Even though I’m new to chess, I cannot wait to get started and discover all the subtleties of this age-old game. I study homeland security as a student at St. John’s University. My journey here at Premier Chess is all about exploring new challenges and expanding my horizons.

Why I’m Excited to Learn Chess:

As a Homeland Security student, I’m constantly engaging in complex problem-solving and strategic thinking. Learning chess offers me a unique opportunity to sharpen these skills in a fun and intellectually stimulating way. Chess is renowned for its ability to enhance critical thinking, improve memory, and teach patience and discipline qualities that are valuable both in my academic pursuits and future career. I want to learn more about strategy and tactics by being involved in chess, and I also want to feel the satisfaction and excitement that come with learning a new ability.

Thank you for being part of the Premier Chess community. Let’s explore the fascinating game of chess together!

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