Summer 2024 Intern Introduction: Ryan Hu

My name is Ryan Hu. I’m a rising junior at Dwight Global, Premier Chess CEO National Master Evan Rabin‘s alma mater’s online counterpart. I am currently located in Michigan. I have a wide variety of fields of interests but am leaning toward business and law. Along with attending school, I dedicate the vast majority of my time to my sport – ice dancing – where I recently won the silver medal in my age group at the 2024 US National Championships

Ice dancing involves skating with a partner in order to synchronize movements and express music. My rigorous skating and school schedules have allowed me to work as hard as possible and have given me a unique perspective into managing time and working on my interests. Throughout my time skating, I have felt a need to give back to the sport and I volunteer my time as an instructor for Learn To Skate and the social media manager for my coaches. 

In primary school, an organization much like Premier Chess came to my school and taught us the basics of chess. The chess sessions turned out to be the highlights of my day and it allowed for friendly competition and fun while also emphasizing manners like shaking your opponents hand. Through this internship with Premier Chess, I hope to gain firsthand experience in the world of business and to continue developing my professional skills while also applying what I have gained through my academic and athletic journeys. 


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  1. Shyada Sharmin

    Hi this is sharmin Shyeda . I have 8 years old name aryaan , he is fond of chess , do you have any classes, please let me know my phone number is (646) 289-2265. Thank you

  2. Renata Escobedo

    I’d like to have more information. Are there free classes? We live in Westborough, Massachusetts. Thank you.

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