Chess and Content Management

By Sarah Wright, Owner at Sarah Writes

Chess is all about strategy. If you want to win, you do not start out just moving pieces willy-nilly. Rooks instraight lines, pawns in single-square marches, knights in L-shapes, etc.

Experienced players know what kind of offense they’re going to mount and what kind of defense to employ. The Evans Gambit versus the Scotch Game offense. The Scandinavian versus the French Defense. Occasionally a wild card with nothing to lose will go in freestyle, but in general, chess players go in with a mission.

What does that have to do with you and I? Imagine a chess game is the game of getting exposure for your business. You want to come out the victor, of course. You want the public to see your brand in

ways like these:

Confident but not arrogant

− Friendly but not a pushover

− Efficient but never cutting corners

− Experienced but approachable

− Thorough but not slow

− Customer service-based from initial look to follow-up

You want to come out with the crowd’s eyes on you, full of favor and desire for what you have.

Many businesses at any stage of their development do not know how to play. That is okay. There are

plenty of experts ready to play the board for you so that you can reap the reward. In fact, letting an

expert play for you is the first move you should make that’ll put you on the path to winning.

A copywriter is a perfect example of someone who knows how to get your business positive exposure.

That’s because a copywriter knows how to use the Queen, the most powerful piece. The Queen of

positive exposure is content. Content like this:

Blogs to inform and exploit SEO to the fullest

Newsletters to inform and keep attention on your business

− Website copy that is the front page of your business

− Articles for local and international publications

− Books to sell and hand out

− Much, much more

A quality copywriter writes not with their own voice, but with yours, adapting to your industry and your style with ease. A quality copywriter is both goal and process-oriented. They’ll work as an integral part of your marketing team, no matter what that looks like, without needing their hand held. That way, you zcan practice your art that makes you the approachable expert you are.

To start moving your Queen, contact Sarah Wright at and discover where premium content made just for you can take your business.

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