Follow the Knight

By Jen Mastafiak, Client Relations Manager at

Have you ever wondered how the knight in chess relates to dating?  The knight, shaped like a horse, moves unconventionally on the board; it has special ways to advance. This concept is like successful dating in that the more a person thinks outside the box, the better the chances he or she has of meeting the right person.

In chess, the knight is the only piece that can jump over its counterparts. This characteristic gives it enhanced value. Also, knights are the only piece that can be developed before your pawns. Having a strategy before the game starts as well as discovering great knight moves can help players triumph.

Like knights in chess, singles looking for love should take a unique leap! People who are open and willing to change directions are more likely to find rewarding relationships. For example, increasing distance in location can lead to many more possibilities. Women and men may want the convenience of only having to drive a short amount of time to meet a date; however, this idea can close the door to an array of people who may be a love match. Expanding your geographical search can greatly improve chances of finding your soulmate.

In addition, understanding your North Star is of upmost importance in dating.  Many chess players use the strategy to develop their knights, and rest of pieces, early in the game.  Looking for qualities in a person that make you happy in advance can assist you in dating.  Maybe kindness, loyalty, or connectedness is what you are really looking for.  These traits can bring two people together to form a meaningful partnership. It’s essential to have a road map beforehand and not close yourself off to new people based on previous beliefs. A flourishing relationship can be just around the corner if you give yourself more freedom to date commitment-minded singles with different attributes.

Because of its unusual movement, the knight is one of the most powerful pieces in chess.  Taking actions like the knight can help you stay open and positively change your perspective. Jumping past old patterns can set you up to find a fun and balanced relationship.  If your endgame is meeting your special someone, please contact Trenia Johnson-Norford or Jen Mastafiak at Connectricity LLC Matchmaking.


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