Managing Social Media Accounts

by Benji Grinn, Marketing Intern

Hello readers!

I just wanted to give you a little insight on what I do as a Premier Chess intern.  Part of what I do, is to manage some of our social media accounts, like Facebook and Instagram.  This new experience has allowed me to expand my knowledge of social media in general and taught me quite a few new things.

For instance, I learned to use separate social media accounts and separate devices for business and for personal use.  If I did not do that, it would result in the conflation of messages and notifications for Premier Chess and with that of my own personal use.  So, it is important to note that as a social media manager, more than one electronic device should be used.

We here at Premier Chess are a well oiled machine in terms of how we work together.  For instance, on a given day, Ceo and Founder Evan Rabin will instruct one of my fellow interns, Eliana, to design a flyer for an upcoming event.  After she makes the flyer, and it is approved by Evan, I then upload it to our instagram and facebook accounts.

Another aspect of managing social media accounts is consumer relations and new customer acquisition.  This involves messaging many people and responding to their comments.  Over the course of two months at Premier Chess this summer I have probably reached out to thousands of people!  In doing so, it is important to keep conversations open and to not close dialogue.  Responding with questions often accomplishes this objective.

Currently, our instagram account has more than eighteen hundred followers and our facebook account has nearly 8500 likes.  We are looking to expand even further, and I think all of you would enjoy the content on those pages.

Here are the link to our Instagram acount:

Here are the link to our Facebook acount:

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