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My name is Eliana Bane. I am a rising junior at The Frisch School in Paramus, New Jersey. I am an active member on my school’s Model UN team, girls basketball team, and am the junior captain of the Robotics Team. In all the activities and extracurriculars I participate in, I enjoy challenging myself. I try to push my limits and exceed my own expectations. When I came across the Premier Chess program, I felt the same excitement for an opportunity to challenge myself and develop new skills.

Before being introduced to Premier Chess, I thought chess was just another game that filled the shelves of board games in my house. I have played chess at a beginners level for fun but never realized the many complex aspects of the game. However, on my first day as an intern for Premier Chess, I sat in on their wonderful day camp and on a private lesson. The information and level of sophistication this game involves blew my mind. The new strategies the instructors introduce to students and help them strengthen their chess game is incredible. Both in the private lesson and the group camp, the instructors create an environment that makes it fun for the students to learn chess, while challenging them as well. 

I am excited to continue working with Premier Chess throughout the summer to build upon my skills not only in the game of chess, but in marketing strategies and social media as well. 

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