A Collection of Children’s Chess Books

by Paula Willis

Chess is a game of strategy.  When you want to teach someone to play or learn yourself, it makes sense to have a strategy in place.   You can learn from someone, watch YouTube videos, or what my son and I found most helpful was using the book “Starting Chess”.

Starting Chess is an inspiring introduction for complete beginners. This paperback book covers everything a young player needs to know, from how to set out the pieces to special moves and tactics. Lively illustrations of snooty queens, cheeky pawns and wise old kings bring the game to life, while simple diagrams make examples and puzzles clear and easy to follow. This new Internet-linked edition also contains descriptions of fun and informative chess Web sites to visit.

This book has been an amazing resource, one that we keep nearby to reference as we learn more strategy to gain more skill.

Another fantastic resource is “My First Chess Book”. This hard cover spiral bound book is similar to “Starting Chess”. 

Meet the characters that make up a chess army and learn how to fight your first battle in this friendly introduction to the game. My First Chess Book is written clearly and simply, with entertaining examples, making it the perfect starting point for young children .  This book makes a handy refresher guide for parents and grandparents.

Maybe you have down the basics of chess, like my sons. “The Usborne Book of Chess” is a great next step.

This fascinating activity book covers all the essentials, helping children learn the basics and practice different strategies to become a master of the game!


Whether you’re new to the game or looking to teach someone how to play, let one of these books be a strategy. You’re sure to get a checkmate!  Click here to purchase any of these books.

Paula Wilis is a homeschooling mom of five.  As an Usborne Books & More Consultant, her mission to encourage families to connect by reading together.  Follow her on Facebook at A Beautiful Story.  She can be reached at: writeabeautifulstory@gmail.com.

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