Life is Like Chess

By Franci Haskell, Founder of Beautiful Jewish Life

I do life coaching. I use many different tools to help my clients. Part of my coaching business includes helping people deal with conflicts in their relationships, due to different religious views and values. I decided to add this service as I am in a similar situation. I want to share the tools that I found to be effective. When stressed, I often suggest to my clients play chess. Life is like chess. You need to think long and hard about what move you will make. Is the move you make going to push you forwards or push you backwards? Chess teaches you that you cannot make decisions quickly. The tools used in chess can be applied to life. You can contact me at 917-355-2894 to start your journey today.

8 thoughts on “Life is Like Chess”

  1. It is time to bring it all together, now! Place all of the pieces on the board, and let the battle begin! Make sure to keep things fun and upbeat, and to leave opportunities for them to capture your pieces.

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