Tips for Parents to Have the Best Kids Birthday Party EVER!

By Micheal Deutsch,  Founder of Hands on Hoops Skills

-collect the email or address of your child’s friends’ mom or dad
-email or mail “Save The Date” information for your party 6-8 weeks in advance
-email a birthday party invitation 4-5 weeks from the party date
-let parents know if your party is drop-off or if they can attend with their kids
-rent indoor/outdoor space or have a permit for outdoor city parks/playgrounds (or arrive really early to secure your space 🙂 )
-see the space beforehand to confirm it is right for the amount of kids/parents attending
-if your park or playground does not have tables, bring your own foldable table/s. You might also bring a blanket or foldable chairs
-plan for the food and drinks for both parents and kids; ex-toddlers drink from juice boxes.
-ask parents about kids’ food allergies
-have a rain date or backup indoor location
-plan activities like basketball, chess, or other sports to keep kids engaged; schedule the activity before serving the food so kids can focus
-book your activities 4-6 weeks in advance
-have a photographer or grandpa take some pictures at the party
-have lots of water to keep everyone hydrated
-bring large garbage bags for cleanup
-have gift bags with toys that you know are safe and age-appropriate.
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