Positive Mental Health

By Elijah Dawson


Self-Care Activities for Your Child That Promote Positive Mental Health


Helping kids find inner calm can be challenging in this hectic world, but doing so might have more benefits than you think. When it comes to boosting your child’s mental health, making
changes to their environment, looking for enjoyable and calming hobbies, and allowing them to express themselves creatively are just a few ways you can help them recharge and reduce
stress, which in turn will have a positive effect on their ability to focus and learn in school. Not only that, it can help them build confidence and self-esteem, which, as A Mighty Girl notes,
many kids lose as they reach the end of elementary school.


Premier Chess shares a few ideas on how to elevate your child’s mental well-being so they can reduce and prevent stress or anxiety:

Boost their surroundings:


Kids flourish in the right environment, and you can help by changing up their surroundings at home for the better. You might start with a deep clean; ask them to help you with their bedroom
first, then move on to the areas they use the most. Open the windows to let in light and fresh air, and consider adding a few beneficial plants and a scented oil diffuser to improve the air quality.
Most of us have at least one area at home that we’d like to declutter, so take this opportunity to get organized and remove items you no longer want or need by selling, trashing, or donating

Get outside:


While our indoor surroundings play an important role in the way we feel, it’s essential to get outdoors as often as possible. Even for adults, the benefits of spending time outside are
numerous; for kids, it can help boost their mood and even sleep better. Planning activities with the kids outside is a fun way to show them how much you value their time. It’s important to be
intentional about planning this time with the kids so you can avoid getting caught up in work or other events that don’t include them.

Think about setting up a budget-friendly play space in the backyard, such as a water table, bubble station, or a spot to play with kinetic sand. If your lawn isn’t quite up to the task, have the
land graded to prevent soil erosion and promote better drainage so you can be sure that your child is safe and mess-free while she plays. Look for local contractors who can help with the
grading; read reviews of their services online, and look for deals on the review site to help cut the cost.

Plan an outing:


When you have a busy schedule, it’s all too easy to stick close to home with the kids, but planning an outing every now and then is a great way to help them have fun and forget about
any worries. Consider heading to a ball game for a day out; if you’re on a tight budget, look online for discounted tickets for the Yankees and narrow down the options by date, price range,
and seat rating. Some sellers even offer a 360-degree seating chart, so you can see what kind of view you’ll have once you get there.

Find the quiet:


Having fun together is a great way to unwind, but for kids as well as adults, it’s also important to be able to find the quiet in a day. Consider helping your child learn about meditation and
mindfulness, and practice just before bedtime for maximum results. This is something you can do together so they can see you modeling the behavior you want to see, and
HealthyChildren.org points out that the benefits are numerous.

It’s also possible to get quiet time in by playing chess, which requires focus and concentration. It also holds many benefits for kids, such as improved memory and an
improvement in reading and math skills. Check out Premier Chess offers camps, tournaments, and virtual group classes.

Helping a child of any age focus on their mental health can be difficult when everyone has a busy schedule to tend to, but you can work on a few activities throughout the week that won’t

interfere with work and school. Talk to your child about how they’re feeling, and don’t forget to open up about your own feelings sometimes, too.


Business and life lessons through playing chess are taught by Premier Chess in corporate classes, school programs, private lessons, and more. Contact us today for more information!

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