The Growing World of Twitch TV

By Shai Hecker, Operations Intern

Twitch, also known as Twitch TV, was launched in 2011 as an online streaming site. Many people watch videos on Youtube while not as many have transitioned to the growing world of twitch. Twitch is designed for live streaming while most people on Youtube publish their videos after editing them first. Twitch allows the audience to see the host of the stream as their true self, as you can’t edit a live stream.

People who play video games are the main users of Twitch. However, chess players stream their games online as well and they have many followers who watch them as they play.

Twitch also enables the host of the video to interact with their viewers and generate more interaction between them. Youtube generally takes videos and shows the highlights while Twitch shows the whole truth, including the bloopers! People who stream on Twitch do it to connect with their consumers and have real interactions with them.

Evan Rabin, International Master and CEO of Premier Chess streams live on Twitch every night at 8:00 PM except for Wednesdays. There you can watch an experienced chess player play live games, as well as talk about the game. Through Evan’s channel you can learn from an International Chess Master through an interactive chat on the streaming service.

Check out Evan’s Twitch channel here.

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