What is Plunder Chess?

Hello “Premier Chess” blog readers!  My name is Jeff Knight and I am the inventor of PlunderChess®.  Have your heard of it?

It was a momentary thought… a random idea… a “what-if” concept that surfaced in the right hemisphere of my brain a number of years ago…. and today, materialized!   May I introduce you to PlunderChess®, a new and contagious slant to the age-old classic game of chess.

The objective of PlunderChess® is the same as traditional chess…  to win the game by placing your opponent’s king into checkmate.  However… what makes PlunderChess® different… is upon making a capture, the chess piece doing the capture (or “kill”) is allowed to take on (or “plunder”) added moving capabilities directly from its spoils, and use those newly acquired capabilities on one future move.  By way of example, if a pawn were to capture its opposing queen, the capturing pawn would then be allowed to acquire extra queen moving powers and subsequently, make a one-time future queen move.  Yes, that’s right, in PlunderChess®, a pawn with acquired queen powers may make a queen move!  That’s it! Simple, easy to learn and incredibly fun on the chessboard!

PlunderChess® is available for play BOTH by over the board and by app (iOS & Android).  If you are a student of “Premier Chess” and interested in downloading our app at no cost (normally $2.99) simply send me an email to: plunderchess@gmail.com  with the following in the Subject Line: “Premiere Chess Student … PlunderChess® App Promo Code”.   Be sure to tell me if your device is iOS or Android and we will get you up and playing PlunderChess® with your friends in no time.  By the way, the app will also allow you to test your skills against the artificial intelligence (5 levels of play) and be sure to check out the “mate-in-1” and“mate-in-2” puzzles!

Click here for short video clips that demonstrate plundering in the PlunderChess® game app! https://www.plunderchess.com/app-video-clips

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