Gratitude for our 2019 Premier Chess Award Winners

By CEO National Master Evan Rabin

“We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives.”

John F. Kennedy

I am forever grateful for the instructors, clients, networking partners and friends who showed up at our Second Annual Premier Chess Holiday Party at Accupuncturist Dr. Anna Folckomer ’s office this past weekend.

When I started Premier Chess in July 2017 , I did not think we would be in 70 schools and companies, including the law firm Kramer Levin, within a period of 2.5 years. However, hard work does pay off and with the addition of Solomon Shechter Manhattan , we did cross the 70-school finish line last week.

While it was my second time hosting the event, it was my first time giving yearly awards. Congrats to the winners:

Premier Chess Couple of the Year: Dr. Anna Folckomer and Ted Griffith

Premier Chess Parents of the Year: My mother Cindy Arth and father Keith Rabin, President of KWRINTL

Premier Chess Support of the Year: My uncle Adam Rabin

Premier Chess Fan of the Year: Steven Mitlitzky, the only player, other than I, to have played in everyone one of our Blitz Tournaments

Premier Chess Student of the Year: Ryan Huang

Premier Chess Networkers of the Year: BNI Chapter 54

Premier Chess Phyiscal Trainer of the Year: Mike Murray of Atomic Total Fitness

Premier Chess Education Partners of the Year: Mike Papapavlou, Owner of Guitar Guide Guru and Michael Deutsch, Owner of Hands on Hoops

Premier Chess Assistant Instructors of the Year: Serena and  Markus Cuellar 

Premier Chess Instructor of the Year: Phil Rosenberg

Premier Chess Girlfriend of the Year: Mandy Gottlieb, who’s about to finish her masters in special education at Lehman College 

Without the support of these people and many more, Premier Chess would not grow, flourish and prosper.   I would like to thank our winners, and the rest of our instructors, partners and friends for making this a wonderful holiday season.

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