Why do Curriclum Chess Classes?

By CEO National Master Evan Rabin

Premier Chess currently teaches critical thinking skills, pattern recognition, healthy competition and more through curriculum classes to students in pre-school through high school,in schools including Summit School and PS 14.

“Chess helps with getting kids used to patience and stamina

Sheila Agalia, Principal of St. Peter’s School in Yonkers.

Here are several of the reasons curriculum classes are a great option:

Transferable Skills: Through teaching rules and basic strategy, we illustrate thought process,scientific planning, evaluation, coordinates and basic business lessons that will be useful in otherclasses, extra-curricular activities and everyday life.

Great Exposure to Chess– Rarely will an elementary school student inquire about learning chess if he is never exposed the game. Since in a curriculum class, all students needs to learn, all children will have a chance to learn. By the end of a semester, students will typically be able to play a legal game of chess with basic strategy and be ready to compete in tournaments.

Gateway to Club: Often curriculum classes will act as feeder into the after-school program. While curriculum classes will enable to students to get acquainted with the game, club will help them get ready to represent their school at tournaments.

This is what a typical 45-minute curriculum class will look like:

20 Minutes: Interactive Lecture

20 Minutes: Related Activity/ Free-Play

-5 Minutes: Clean-Up

To learn more, about our curriculum class options, please contact Premier Chess CEO National Master Evan Rabin at (917) 776-1306 or evan@premierchess.com.

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