Monthly Premier Chess Blitz Tournament

Who: Anyone who emails us !


  • November one at Asiam Thai Cuisine, 259 First Avenue.
  • December one at CMX CinéBistro, 400 East 62nd Street.

When: 11/18, 12/10


  • Blitz games allow one to see how one perform at chess among the casual  and the more accomplished players, and it’s really fun!
  • Our CEO, (NM) Evan Rabin, has been constantly attending this event so it’s a great way for you to possibly network with other businesses!
  • Chess is also great way to make new friends and food as well as beverages are available!


  • $10 entry fee and a 12$ food/drink minimum at at Asiam Thai Cuisine.
  • 15$ entry fee and a $20$ food/drink minimum at CMX CinéBistro.
  • 100% of entry fees will go towards prizes!

Questions: Reach out at Evan Rabin, CEO of Premier Chess at or (917) 776-1306.


  • Email your name and rating to Evan Rabin at
  • Tournament is capped at 12 players.
Premier Chess' Blitz Tournament
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