Ding Defies Odds in World Championship Round 4

By National Master Evan Rabin 

Did you know that Ian Nepomniactchi and Ding Liren are currently in Astana, Kazakshstan competing for the World Chess Championship, know that Magnus Carlsen decided to not defend his title? The match has gotten very little PR. I personally have not been nearly as interested in following the match as I did for the 2021 Carlsen- Nepomniactchi Match that I visited in Dubai. That said, things are getting interested as Ding Liren defied odds and won game 4 yesterday, evening up the score 2-2! On The Chess Experience podcast’s World Championship Preview, our 198th Podcast Guest FIDE Master Carsten Hansen mentioned if a player wins first in the match, he will become a 70% favorite. Things were gloomy for Ding Nepomniactchi won in a mere 29 moves with black in round 2 but Ding Liren equalized the score in round 4 so who knows what will happen in match now?

Here are his the round 4 game with my own annotations:

Today was a rest day. Round 5 begins tomorrow at 5:00 AM EST. What do you think will happen?

8 thoughts on “Ding Defies Odds in World Championship Round 4”

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