Farewell SYEP Intern 2022- Justin

By Justin Cao

My time with Evan Rabin and Premier chess is coming to an end for SYEP. It has been a great summer being able to work and learn with Evan and Keifer. I have learned a great number of work skills in terms of communication between coworkers and customers.How to think about using a social media page to boost one’s own business and popularity(I was in charge of
Facebook and Instagram).I was able to win in a quads tournament and make some extra money thanks to Evan! I learned a lot more about chess, especially how to teach it to children. How to interact with them and how to find solutions whether conventional or outside the box to help them. It helped me develop my chess skills by thinking about the pedagogy and how it differs from beginners and more experienced players. With my experience over the summer and new skills learned, I hope I can put them to good use in the future!

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