Summer Youth Employment Program 2022 Introduction: Justin

By Justin Cao, 2022 SYEP Intern

I study sociology at Baruch College. I love to learn about people and how societal issues affect them. With my degree, I would like a career in which I could help improve the lives of underprivileged people whether socially or economically. In my free time, I love to watch competitive sports such as League of Legends, UFC, and chess, and I am starting to get into
basketball as well. With the SYEP program, I decided to join Premier chess because I love games in general.

Why not have a job which is also fun at the same time. I love the aspect of games whether it is the statistics/math, the psychology, and especially the competition. I manage/coach the League of Legends team at my school and although we have not had much success, I hope that I was able to improve my teammate’s skill levels. Unfortunately, I started chess incredibly late in high school which is probably the biggest reason for my ceiling. So even though I am a measly 1500-rated player, I would like to see what I can learn from Evan to improve any of my skills as a chess player and learn work-related skills.

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