Chess Around the City

By Haoyuan Mo, 2022 Intern

While many only play chess in their school or clubs at their school there are also many different chess-related events involving chess that take place around New York City. These include free chess tournaments that anyone new york city student can attend, hosted by different organizations like chess in the Schools (CIS). These tournaments hosted by CIS usually take place in new york city public schools during the school year on Saturdays. While some may be busy on Saturdays there are also free scholastics tournaments held on Sundays by the right move chess foundation. In the event that someone does not find in-person chess tournaments appealing to them, there are also online chess tournaments that are hosted by nychesskids. These online chess tournaments are sponsored by nychesskids which comes with prizes for doing good in the event. The chess game itself is being played on Lichess, an online chess platform that allows players from different parts of the world to play against each other. These tournaments being free events there are also chess events that have entrance fees such as the marshall’s chess club which has an entrance fee for its tournaments. While these tournaments have entrance fees they also come with cash prizes with in-person or online events.

That being said, Premier chess is also hosting its chess tournament (@premier chess) this upcoming Saturday, July 16th at the chess and checkers house in central park. This event will be hosted in a quads format where the players are placed in rating order with a 20player max limit and a 25$ entrance fee. This entrance fee is used towards the 60$ first place prize that the winner of each quad gets at the end of the tournament.

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