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Will be forever grateful to Liza Orlova for design of background!

I recently started streaming on Twitch! Check out our account and consider following to keep up with tournaments, matches, lessons and casual games.

I would like to thank four streamers, who helped me get started:

National Master Todd Bryant of Strong Chess  : Inspired me to get started

Candidate Master Andrew Koenigsberg : Helped with initial set up

Liza Orlova, Author of Chess for Beginners: Made massive improvements to stream and made it look semi-professional. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Liza Orlova to set up streams and perform any of your other graphic design needs. Contact her here.

I am looking foward to playing  a match against National Master Jesse Lozano of Complete Chess   tomorrow night at 8:30 PM. I am open to challenges to send email to if you’d like to play a match!

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