Superb Chess Riddles (Easy – Difficult)

By Cinthia McDonald, Summer Youth Intern

Let us see how fast your brain can work and try out these chess-based brain teasers…

(The answers will be at the bottom of the page)



  • Two individuals are playing chess, and they both play five games. In the end they leave with three wins without any losses or draws. How is this possible?

  • The eight of us go forth, not back, to protect our king from an attack. What are we?

  • I am the weakest in chess, but the strongest in checkers. The hat that rests upon my head is of great value. What am I?


  • A knight leaps over a tower and the tower vanishes. You did not imagine it and you are not hallucinating. Where could this have happened?

  • Why can you not make chess pieces out of bread?

  • How did the king lose his home?


  • What cannot a queen do that every other piece can?

  • Why did the chess player offer a draw?

  • How do you know when your pawn is doing a good job?



  1. They played different games.
  2. A pawn.
  3. The king.
  4. A chessboard.
  5. It would be a stalemate.
  6. A knight took it.
  7. A queen cannot capture a more valuable piece or deliver a discovered check.
  8. They are not good at painting.
  9. They get promoted.


Thanks for participating in this fun game. Use these riddles on your friends and list their reactions, we would love to hear from you!

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