Avraham Ilyayev: High School Entrepreneur

Avraham Ilyayev is 15 Years Old and is the CEO and Founder of Business For Kids. His mission is to help students who are struggling academically, succeed, and become better in their studies. Avraham is also working on a company called Everyone Investing. His mission is to connect people who just graduated High School or College (who know what their profession is going to be) who do not have an established source of income and we connect them to an Investor who wants to specifically invest in the idea, brand, or company.

Before starting Business For Kids, Avraham worked 6+ years as a Freelancer on Upwork and was a Website Developer. After a successful career helping Business Owners design their website(e.g. Medical Doctors, Dental Offices, Pharmaceutical Companies, Venture Capital Start-Up’s), Avraham transitioned to sales and became a Sales Agent at Infinity Digital Wedding Agency (Wedding Photography Company). His mission was to get in contact with 2-3 of the Best Wedding Photographers who can handle the overflow of Wedding Client’s/Leads and to close them(Sell this product to them).

On his days off, Avraham enjoys biking, making new friends, and traveling. He also enjoys fitness, reading personal development books, and spending time with his friends and family.

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