Summer Youth Employment Program 2022 Introduction: Tyler

By Tyler Pang, 2022 SYEP Intern

I am going to be a senior at Brooklyn Technical High school this fall. Currently, I am majoring in software engineering in school, and I hope to major in the same in college or potentially switch to finance and economics. And this summer, I have the opportunity to work at Premier Chess, through the SYEP summer program, under National Master Evan Rabin.

You may be wondering: why choose to work at Premier Chess? Well, when scrolling through the list of options, Premier Chess seemed to be the perfect fit for me because of my long history with chess. I started playing chess all the way back in second grade. Back then I was a part of my school’s after-school program to teach the youth how to play. Admittedly, I wasn’t that good, and still am not, I also didn’t do good in the first tournament. However, this didn’t hinder my love and interest for the game. This love for chess followed me into middle school, where I was a member of the school’s chess team. Here, I learned more strategies and deepened my understanding of the game. Now, I am a part of my school’s chess team. While I still have a lot to learn, I am looking forward to getting better over this next year by competing in tournaments and practicing with friends. 

All things considered, Premier Chess provides me with an opportunity to be a mentor to younger kids similar to that of my elementary school’s program. I am excited to be working with Mr. Rabin this summer in order to shine some light on an underappreciated game.

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