I am a young adult living with ADD/ADHD, diagnosed in elementary school. For me, diet has always been key to managing my attention/concetration – staying with natural. non-processed foods was always the rule growing up. My parents noticed behavior shifts whenever I consumed artificial colors or excessive sugar and taught my early on to watch for those triggers. I will say that recently- since been back from my travels, my father has been a huge help in so many great things( one of which is health ) example: managing my carbohydrate intake as a way to help manage my focus. We (ADD/ADHD people) tend to eat overeat carbs to fuel the “beast”, which leads to the lack of focus. I an currently doing intermittent fasting.
Evan Playing a Tournament in Kiryat Ono, Israel in August 2018

A few years ago I started teaching chess online to children around the US, Israel and other countries.

As I research the correlations between chess and cognitive development, there are many articles that point out that for children with ADD/ADHD, there are even more benefits to learning/playing chess. Quite a few of my students are indeed ADD/ADHD and I believe my personal experience really helps me relate to them and their need to create strategies to help manage their decision making.

My message is that (a) ADD/ADHD is a lifelong condition that requires management and mindfulness (b) nutrition/eating habits play a big part in managing and (c) exercises such as chess are great for learning how to live with ADD/ADHD.