Can you do your job in Space?

By Shai Hecker, Operations Intern

Ariel Piekes, an IP attorney, wanted to enlighten his colleagues on how passionate they were about their profession. He asked them “can you do your job in space?” While this is meant to be rhetorical it is thought provoking. National Master Evan Rabin, the CEO of Premier Chess immediately knew his answer was “yes.” Doing your job in space is no menial task. Being separate from the rest of the world is an arduous task, but it can be done. Someone who is so devoted to their work and passionate about what they do would be able to accomplish such a task.

Chess would be a difficult board game to play in space. With a low amount of gravity the pieces may have trouble staying in place so a magnetic chess board might be ideal. Although this question is not meant to be taken literally  last week two Russian astronauts aboard a space station played against a chess grandmaster who was on Earth. The astronauts had an electric chess board with them and they played against Sergey Karjakin. They did this in celebration of the first Space-Earth chess game played 50 years prior.

The astronauts managed to end the game in a draw against the grandmaster showing that one can function well while in space. While this story strays from the point it does show the reality of chess in space.

The question also proposes how far one would go to continue their passion. Imagine your profession was no longer able to be performed from Earth, but could only be done in space. Could you envision yourself going onto a space station for months to continue your dream? This would require sacrifices, but most of us sacrifice so we can continue our passion.

To really see how passionate you are about your profession ask yourself this question: Can you do your job in space? This may illuminate for yourself how passionate you are about what you do.

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