Seeing a Premier Chess Class for the First Time… (at 10 a.m)

My fellow Premier Chess Intern Janell Warner and I was lucky enough to come view one of Premier Chess’s elective classes at Grace Church Middle School in Downtown in Manhattan this morning. This program is less intensive compared to other programs offered by Premier Chess such as curriculum courses and after school programs. Regardless, the kids are still very skilled for there age at chess and a select few will be participating in tournament this upcoming Sunday the 2nd.

The variety of skill sets among the kids in all these programs do vary, but the amount of fun they have and the knowledge they receive is only exponential, and does allow for the perfect balance between the two.

Chess in general already provides so many benefits to young minds, paired with the positive reinforcement and good rapport between the students and the instructors. Seeing some of the children pretend to be the instructors, even jokingly calling themselves the CEO of the company truly portrayed the connections the teachers make with the students, especially when they refer to them as ambassadors.

What Premier Chess is offering is much more than just a good skillset and knowledge of chess, they are offering a fun, positive, and educational service to children.


16 thoughts on “Seeing a Premier Chess Class for the First Time… (at 10 a.m)”

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