Poding Up

By Eliana Bane, Marketing Intern

“Poding up” and “Pandemic pods” are terms that have risen through this pandemic. Schooling, after- school activities and playdate groups have been following the criteria of “pods”. But what is a pod?

A pandemic pod is a group of three to ten children that parents have created in order to maintain a safe environment while allowing their children to socialize. The ​New York Times explains what pandemic pods are and the reason they are developing.

Parents have realized that if schooling this coming year is in person, there are many health risks. However, if school is online, the education may be inadequate. ​Dori Wolfson​, Ed.M., founder of Boston-based Sundial Learning Consultants, explains how cooperative learning, learning with other students in-person and in groups develops many educational and social skills. Parents are afraid that their children will fall behind in their education and having a personal tutor or a pod of children with a teacher will make their learning more effective. Therefore, there are many Facebook groups that have threads connecting families to instructors and looking for additional students to join pods. Premier Chess​, along with ​Guitar Guide Guru​ and ​Hands on Hoops​, are available for after-school activities for your pods. We can help keep your children physically and mentally active while participating in chess, music and sports. In addition, we can recommend exemplary teachers and tutors for your academic pods.

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