Grand Prix Results after 3 Tournaments

As we were approaching the beginning of 2020, we have completed 3 out 10 of our Premier Chess and Top Level Chess Grand Prix tournaments.

You can see the results so far here.

This is scoring system for Grand Prix:

1st Place Trophy- 3 points
2nd Place Trophy- 2 points
3rd Place Trophy- 1 point
Playing at 2 Schools- 5 points
Playing at 3 Schools- 10 points

* Score will be multiplied by the number of tournament child plays.

** In order to be eligible for Grand Prix points, a child needs to play in one of our USCF rated sections.

The big question is will anyone catch up with the leader Riley Thompson,  a student of my alma-mater Churchill.  If anyone can likely do it, it is Aarav Roy, the Jersey City Global Charter School student, who won last year’s Grand Prix.

The top 10 players in Grand Prix at end of year will get prizes. As of now, these are the leaders:

Riley Thompson  Churchill
Aarav Roy  JCGS
Fielding Williams  Saint Bernards
Mateo Uribe  PS 321
Jamie Abaramson Saint Bernards
Armistead Williams Saint Bernards
Julian Griffin  Buckley
Sam Rahall  NEST
Eliza Keller Summit
Zachary Gaw Steven Gaynor
Christian Gaw Steven Gaynor

You should sign up your child for our January 12th Tournament at Grace Church School and January 25th Tournament at Town School now for 2 reasons:

1) Your child can increase his Grand Prix standing, considering his multiplier will go up and Grace Church School is a new venue.

2) Both tournaments are good practice for City Championships February 1-2.

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  4. I am impressed by the Grand Prix results so far. Riley Thompson is leading the pack with a big margin, but Aarav Roy is not far behind. I wonder who will win the next tournaments and get more points. I think playing at different schools is a good incentive for the participants. Good luck to all the chess players!

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