DBT Group Forming Now!


One common theme on our podcast is that mindfulness is extremely important when it comes to preparing for a chess game.

With this in mind, we would like to share with you that Carrie Cohen, LCSW is starting a DBT Group.

Group participants must be between the ages of 17-22.

Skills taught and practiced will include:

  • Understanding biopsychosocial theory and invalidating environments
  • Minimizing black or white thinking
  • Seeing the perspective of others
  • Radical acceptance
  • Distress tolerance
  • Identifying triggers that lead to emotional dysregulation
  • Closely examining one’s role in interpersonal relationships
  • The role media plays in our lives
  • Learning and using distress tolerance skills
  • Mindfulness

Groups will take place remotely on Zoom 1-2x per week for 45 minute for 6 sessions.

Date and time TBA.

For questions/inquiries please contact: Carrie Cohen, LCSW  at ncarriecohen@gmail.com


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