Chess Classes for Senior Citizens

Premier Chess, founded by National Master Evan Rabin, helps senior citizens of all levels via private and group lessons in homes, community centers and nursing homes, in-person and virtually. We have worked with a variety of organizations, including Village Care and the law firm Kramer Levin.

Here’s why senior citizens should learn chess:

-Chess can help keep their minds sharp and improve their memory.

-There is some research that chess can help prevent Alzheimers.

-It allows for students to remain creative, ensuring they continue to exercise the right side of their brains.

-Chess develops fine motor skills and can help individuals recover from strokes or disabilities.

 We will customize class based on students’ goals, interests, skill levels etc; this is what a sample 60-minute class schedule would look like though:

-15 Minutes: Interactive Lesson
-15 Minutes: Activity Based on Lesson
-30 Minutes: Playing Lesson

Please contact CEO Evan Rabin at (917) 776-1306 or to discuss the possibility of scheduling lessons for senior citizens (or people of any age 3+).



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