Supporting Ukranian Chess Players

By National Master Evan Rabin

Ukraine National Team with 2021 European Team Championship Gold Medals

By now, everyone knows about the terrible situation that is happening in Ukraine, with the 2022 Russian Invasion. 500,000 refugees have already fled the country since the war begun on on Thursday, February 24. From the words of Carol Meyer, Executive Director at US Chess: “The US Chess community is concerned about our family of Ukrainian chess players as they experience rapidly deteriorating conditions in many parts of their invaded country. Some have immediate needs that are exacerbated by the state of emergency. Those wishing to flee a frightening situation are limited by health or family issues, gridlock, fuel-purchase restrictions, and blocked roads.

We have received a generous $10,000 commitment from the Kasparov Chess Foundation (KCF) to seed this campaign. If you wish to join the KCF in supporting the Ukrainian chess community, please donate today. Gifts received through GoFundMe will be sent by US Chess, in collaboration with our chess associates in Ukraine, to those who are in need. We welcome your support in any amount.”
Thank you for your gift – it will make a difference for those who need it most. Gens una sumus”

While he lives in Israel currently, our 18th Podcast Guest Grandmaster Boris Alterman was born in Ukraine. 
Let’s get together as a global chess community and support our Ukranian chess compatriots and others in the country, during this difficult time.


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