Queen’s Gambit Mania Swag

By Jac Zagoory, Founder of Jac Zagoory Designs 

It is fascinating how a miniseries can change culture and influence the markets of the world. The Queens Gambit has turned the average home body into a chess master wannabe. Now, everyone is on alert to what the Chess community has known all along—Chess is engaging, challenging and fun!

For as little as one unit, you can share your passion with clients, employees and friends. Gift them the hottest game around.

This handsome chess set is only $58 for a single unit with engraving. We have quantity breaks.

Contact JZ Promo for tangible, branded, marketing promotional items for your company, or swag for your events. Jac@JacZagoory.com  Give, Gift and Swag better with us!



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