A Review of UNCHESS

By Author Vineet Raj Kapoor 

As you know there are very few books relating Life with Chess. I was inspired to write the book UNCHESS during 1980s. In 1990s Kasparov wrote ‘Life Imitates Chess‘. I do not know of any other decent and full-fledged attempt at this.

Even though Chess originated from India, very few Indians have written books on Chess, and I hope that I get support from the entire Chess Fraternity to promote UNCHESS.

I wrote UNCHESS in May 2017 and published at Amazon to an Amazing response. The recent interest in online chess due to the pandemic has exposed a lot of new audience to chess and they would be curious about how they take away anything from it to their life, their kids, their jobs. This book has all..

Here is a synopsis about UNCHESS:

UNCHESS is a Wonderful Set of Easy to Understand Philosophies for Life derived of the Centuries old Game of Chess. Tips on how to Juggle between your Passion, Desires, Courage, Spirit, and Wisdom. The final aim of all of us playing on this board of life is to somehow break out of this board and be free. Freedom of course shall not come in that way, but if we are able to understand the board, and master the play, we shall be able to forget the board. So my Action Play is to let you Rip the Board from under you. So that you can forget the Squares and focus on the Unchess of it. I want you to understand chess in such a simple way that your Life can be UnChessed.

4 thoughts on “A Review of UNCHESS”

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