Bobby Fischer Ultimate Chess Set

By Shelby Lohrman, Director at American Chess Equipment 

As all of you should know by now, we here at American Chess Equipment and Wood Expressions are always striving to bring you, our customers, the best products on the market.  If that product is not on the market, we will do our best to make it for you.  In that line, we would like to introduce our New and Improved Bobby Fischer Ultimate Chess Set with the “Infinity” weighting system.

Ever since people have been making weighted plastic chess pieces, there has been a huge problem that no one has ever been able to tackle.  No matter what they did, the weights always loosened up and fell out.  Right now, weighted chess pieces are all made the same way.  Pieces are molded and then they take a weight slathered in super-glue and put it in the bottom of the piece and place a felt over it.

Our revolutionary Infinity weighting system incorporates the weight into the piece itself.  It is near impossible for the weights to loosen up, much less fall out.  How do we do this?  It’s a trade secret.  Let’s just say the is no more glue.

This set is triple weighted and weighs in at 3.8 lbs.  We listened to you and it is now made in off-White/Black.  The box went from corrugated cardboard to a high-end presentation box.

Might we be shooting ourselves in the foot by making chess pieces you’ll never have to buy again?  Maybe, but we feel that is more important to get our customers a quality product that reflects the name on the box.

Product is expected around the first week of December.  Use code:  PREORDERCHESS to get 15% off your pre-order of this item at checkout.  This code is only good for the first 200 sets of the New Ultimates sold.  After that, you will have to pay the retail price of $44.95.


9 thoughts on “Bobby Fischer Ultimate Chess Set”

  1. I would buy 20 sets for my chess club, if the Bobby Fischer name was not endorsing this product. He was anti- semitic and a dangerous lunatic. I don’t know why anybody would be associated with him.

    1. Because he was one of the greatest chess players ever. He was funny, good looking and smart, also successfull.
      You dont have to distance yourself from everybody who has a different opinion in one single point of view. If somebody is wrong with an opinion he has, thats fine – it is not the whole human – everybody is allowed to make mistakes.
      I wonder what you would think, if 6.5 billion people would distance from you because your american – and america of course killed the most people because started the most wars in the last few hundread years.
      Life is good – relax!

    2. Because he was (and is) the famous and most influential chess player ever born. He made chess massively popular among mass people.

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