Computer Chess 40 moves in 2 hours Mainlines and Variants A00-E99

It is finally here!  I , a Computer Science Major and programmer, have seriouslly  the world of Computer Chess!

Have you ever wondered what moves your chess computer would play if you gave it a long time to think? Do you have a chess opponent that you just cannot beat and want to see how it is finally done? Well then, join me for a deep dive investigation of all the openings and march toward the path of victory! This is the book you wish you had 20 years ago!

Book highlights include: 

• Over 2000 full Computer tournament games cover all major Openings and their variants!
• 573 pages of Openings with diagrams
• All chess endings fixed with 7 piece endgame table base!

• All games played using tournament time controls 40 moves
in 2 hours + 1 hour after move 40!
• Learn how the computer seeks out to destroy the opposition!

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