The Chess Masters of Youtube

By Shai Hecker, Operations Intern

Youtube was founded only fifteen years ago and it is one of the largest streaming sites on the internet. Youtube allows for people to share their videos online with the rest of the world.

Anyone can post a video on Youtube about relatively anything. Through Youtube many incredible chess players share their games with the public allowing people to learn chess from the greats.

Magnus Carlsen is the World Chess Champion at the moment. If you take a look at his Youtube channel you will notice that many if not most of the videos barely feature him. Although he has 342,000 subscribers, Hikaru Nakamura has much more of a presence on his own channel.

Nakamura is one the best chess players in the world and managed to beat Carlsen in the Lindores Abbey Rapid Challange. Although he is not the top player in the world he is able to connect with his fans through his Youtube channel. Haftor Bjornsson, a famous icelandic strongman and actor, has appeared on his channel to play chess against the chess grandmaster. Nakamura knows how to excite his fans through his videos and maintains a great channel.

Premier Chess recently created its own Youtube channel. Our channel will feature lessons, games with commentary, podcast episodes, and more. From there you can learn more about the game of chess and became a better player.

Take a look at our new Youtube channel here.


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