Stand Out in Admissions as a Chess Player

Playing chess can be a great way to boost your college admissions profile. Not only does it demonstrate critical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities, but it also shows that you are disciplined, strategic, and dedicated to a particular interest. These are all qualities that can make you stand out to admissions officers and increase your chances of being accepted into your desired college or university. Additionally, chess can help you develop important networking skills and build connections with other players within the academic community. So if you are interested in pursuing higher education, consider taking up chess as a way to enhance your college application and showcase your unique talents and abilities.
Learn more about my college admissions process and how to incorporate extracurriculars (especially chess) into the application in a way that will make the applicant absolutely STAND OUT in a sea of applications.  I specialize in finding the “right fit, dream school” for my students by guiding them as they unearth their talents and highlight those gifts on their college applications. Schedule a free consultation with me at!

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