Three Ways to Learn Chess without Paying a Dime

By CEO National Master Evan Rabin 

In a recent podcast episode with Daniel Lorna, International Master Kassa Korley shares how he did the not have the economic resources to get a coach, growing up. While chess has few barriers to entry (a basic chess set is fairly cheap), it can be expensive to get coaching.

To the contrary, there are three ways you can learn for free from us:

1) Check out our Plethora of Free Educational Content on several platforms:

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2) Get five other people to pay for a semi-private group class, in person anywhere in the United States or virtually around the world, and you or your child can learn for free.

3) Introduce us to your company and/or your child’s school. All of our corporate and school programs are highly customizable. If we start a program at your child’s school, it will either be free for you, or at the very least, a lot cheaper than private lessons.

When there is a will, there is a way. No matter what one’s needs and budget is, there is a way to learn chess. Ideally, one should have a full stack approach to chess improvement, with group classes, private lessons, self-guided learning and tournament practice. However this mix of learning methods can be quite costly. Whether you are a 3-year-old or a senior citizen, and whether you are an absolute beginner or a master, reach out and we will give you some guidance on how to learn.

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