Evan Rabin Finds a New Use For Chess

By Marty Katz, Founder of Connectors 360

Evan Rabin, is the Founder of Premier Chess, which teaches chess to professionals as well as families.

His problem: during the doldrums of the pandemic and recession, his sales were flat. Not many people were interested in this diversion.

He met Marty Katz, Founder of Connectors 360. Marty is a marketing consultant and specializes in brand messaging.

Marty suggested that instead of framing his business strictly as a place to learn or play chess, Evan should address business leaders to show them that chess has a role that could benefit them:

Business leaders have many employees who are reluctant to try new things. They are afraid of being judged by their managers and colleagues if their ideas aren’t successful. This makes innovation –- the lifeblood of growth – the responsibility of only a few top-level execs.

Knowing this,  Evan positioned chess as a way for people to learn how to develop strategies, manage risk and generate creativity in their approach to solving problems and finding new opportunities. Managers and employees would all benefit.

Evan began communicating this new use of chess and its value to business leaders. They saw how chess could improve their employees’ performance and signed up for his programs.

Out of a low point, Evan found his own innovation to get the outcomes he wanted.

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