Premier Chess Group Class on Upper West Side

Premier Chess Group Class on Upper West Side
Group Class at Saint John Villa Academy 

Students at our Summer Camp at ZPlay
Are you looking for a great opportunity for your child to learn chess but his school doesn’t offer it and private lessons too expensive? Does your child play in his school’s program but want more practice for tournaments? If you answered yes to either question, you can consider signing your child up for Premier Chess Group Class:

Premier Chess CEO and I Love the Upper West Side Writer Evan Rabin will teach opening, middle game and endgame strategy, review tactical themes and get students ready to compete in tournaments. 

Here are some of reasons you should consider taking class: 

•   Benjamin Franklin once said “Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail.” Chess will help you think strategically!
•   Prepare for local chess tournaments, City Championships, State Championships and National Championships (tournaments are not required but are encouraged)
•   Chess is also great way to meet new friends, both in school and out. Premier Chess CEO’s National Master Evan Rabin has played chess in 9 different countries and has connections literally around the world through the game! 

Class will be held at ZPlay School, located at 150 West 72nd Street, Suite 2A, New York, NY, 10023  
Register here.  Use promo code “iluws” for $50 off if you sign up by end of week. 

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