Title Insurance & Real Estate is like playing Chess

by Samuel Weiner, Vice President, Business Development at Langdon Title

The need for strategic thinking, evaluating and prioritizing of available options, creating and executing of strategies can be found both in real estate and in the game of chess. Being a Master chess player, like Premier Chess CEO Evan Rabin, is in direct correlation to becoming well-versed in the ‘game’ of real estate – something that can be very rewarding and beneficial for all.

We are not suggesting that you need to start learning how to play chess in ‘game’ of real estate order to understand Title Insurance & Real Estate… However, it might be of interest to look deeper into the parallels between real estate and the game of chess.

We have already initiated this thought process and came up with the following:

Similarly as in playing chess, one needs to have proper planning in buying or selling real estate. Playing chess constitutes using all the available pieces to their most optimal capabilities. Why would one not use all the available pieces (such as Title Insurance) when buying or selling real estate? Doing so will not only dramatically decrease the odds of failure but, more importantly, give each (chess) player a powerful set of tools at his disposal.

Whether or not you take full advantage of all your bishops, knights or pawns is completely up to you, but in the end, real estate is like playing chess and Title Insurance is a major piece in the game!

Thanks to Johannesburg broker Xavier De Buck‘s article for lots of great information that contributed to my post. 

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