Patience and Forethought in Chess and in Life

By Eliana Bane, Marketing Intern

Charles Buxton was a philanthropist and politician during the 1800’s. He famously said, ““In life, as in chess, forethought wins”. 

The game of chess is primarily made up of skill, patience and forethought. Each move is designed to apply pressure in order to win the game. Being able to recognize the strategy of your opponent will allow the player to step-up their pieces to further their own game. Realizing the potential outcomes of moving certain pieces or capturing others allows a player to recognize how to best capture the king and win the game. 

Life is the same way. Each move is designed in a systematic manner. One move with the right piece can set you up for success, while one wrong move can begin a downward spiral that will be hard to save your pieces, and yourself. Forethought is important. Looking ahead and recognizing the potential outcome of actions will create a higher percentage of doing well in the game of chess and life. Patience allows one to slow down and fully review the whole board. It develops a positive attitude towards the future of thinking ahead with clarity and certainty.